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Flyball is one of the world’s fastest growing dog sports. It combines basic obedience skills with the athleticism of agility, the fun of playing fetch in the backyard, and the thrill of drag racing.

“Flyball races match two teams of four dogs each, racing side-by-side over a 51 foot long course. Each dog must run in relay fashion down the jumps, trigger a flyball box, releasing the ball, retrieve the ball, and return over the jumps. The next dog is released to run the course but can’t cross the start/finish line until the previous dog has returned over all 4 jumps and reached the start/finish line. The first team to have all 4 dogs finish the course without error wins the heat.” (as taken from the North American Flyball Association website)

Is your dog ready for Flyball?

Does my dog know basic obedience: sit, down, stay?

Does my dog have a solid recall with distractions?

Is my dog crated trained?

Is my dog friendly: no dog or human aggression?

Is my dog in shape? (this is an athletic game and the dogs are athletes)

Have I spoken to my vet about doing this sport with my dog?

Is my dog okay with loud noises (barking, screaming, whistles)?

Does my dog enjoy toys or balls?

Does my dog enjoy running and jumping?

Can I get my dog super-excited and do I like him/her like this?

Can I control my dog physically when he/she is excited?

Photos of Austen (hound mix), Curtis (German Shepherd mix), Remy (Border Collie), Hokie (Labrador Retriever), Jenni (Beagle), Heidi (French Brittany), Gemma (English Setter), Taz (Miniature Australian Shepherd), and Snowball (terrier mix).

Are you ready for Flyball?

Do I use positive training methods?

Am I in reasonable shape: fit, healthy, mobile?

Am I able to think fast on my feet?

Can I afford hotel or other fees associated with the sport and travel?

Can I travel on the weekends (about once a month, up to 4 hours away, from Friday night to Sunday night)?

Do I like team sports?

Am I a team player?

Am I okay with loud noise (barking, screaming) for an extended period of time?

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