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Heads or Tails Flyball Club is located in Roanoke, Virginia. 
Our members come from the Roanoke Valley and beyond.

Classes & Practices

Our training classes are currently on hold. Please use the contact form on our homepage to reach out and let us know that you are interested. If we get enough interest, we will re-start training classes.

We hold team practice most Sundays from 6:30-8:30pm at Fido Fitness (2727 Shenandoah Ave NW).

Only current members and those who have completed classes are welcome to attend team practice.


Our regional tournaments are held in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. We have also traveled to tournaments in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Georgia. We drive an average of 4 hours to most of the tournaments. We usually attend one tournament a month.

Tournaments are almost always two-day events, over Saturday and Sunday. They are full day events, beginning at 7:30am and ending between 3:00 and 5:00pm.

Club Policies



It takes the entire club to train a great Flyball dog.

We train every dog as an individual, adjusting techniques as needed. We train the dog to be the best he or she can be.


We will do our best to make sure every team can complete under 24 seconds.



Every dog and handler will work as a team for the greater benefit of the team.


We want to be competitive within our divisions.

We will form an A team when entering multiple teams: our fastest and most competitive lineup. Positions on the A team will be determined by dog ability, handler ability, and position strength.

Dogs within a 1,000 points of a title above Flyball Master will be entered onto a strong, solid lineup to maximize points and earn their next title.



Club members (individual or family) owe $10 a month for club dues. Club members can take a month-to-month sabbatical without paying dues if you give the club notice in advance.

Once your dog has run a heat for points (in a lineup, not just warmups) at a tournament, you are a provisional member and will be asked to pay monthly dues. Provisional memberships will be voted on by the standing club members after 6 months of practice or 6 tournaments.

Tournament costs will be covered by members (standing and provisional), according to the number of heats each dog races. The club will absorb the tournament costs for borrowed team dogs. Open dogs, dogs from other teams running on an open team with our club dogs, pay for the number of heats run.


The club will hold at least one yearly meeting for all club members to come together, discuss the preceding year, individual dog goals, concerns, questions, upcoming events and activities, etc. New memberships will be discussed and voted on.


We are playing this game for fun, first, our dogs, second, and our own egos, far last.

We will work as a team, to the greatest overall benefit to the team.

If you have a disagreement, speak directly to the person(s) involved. We will not tolerate rumors and gossip. Disagreements happen, you have to work at teamwork.

If you aren’t happy, leave.

Expectations at Tournaments:


Every dog running is allowed time to warm up, if needed. Core dogs do not need warmup time every time they race. Unless you are working on a problem area (which only occurs during the tournament environment or cannot be worked on at practices) or maintenance review, please hold your dog in the runback area. Recalls are not necessary – all it does is tire out the dog. Green dogs and Warmup dogs will always be given preference after the initial warmup (the first time the team races each day).

Make sure you are in the lane and ready for warmups as soon as the previous teams are finished racing. If you are late, the team will not wait for you. It is each member’s responsibility to pay attention. Let your Team Captain know before-hand what it is you require during warmups (a prop, the ball, runners, gating, etc.).

Please make sure that all dogs are held safely and securely in the runback area during warmups unless or until the dog is warming up. We do not want to injure or hurt any person or dog.


Unless the dog is making a consistent error (bobbling, missing jumps, dropping the ball, leaving the lane, etc.), re-runs are useless. It is better to reserve the dog’s energy than to re-run the dog.


All core team dogs are expected to be passing the previous dog within five feet. The preferred pass is one-three feet. Scaring the pass coach, although fun, is not necessary. Early passes can and should be expected. Do not be afraid of an early pass. However, early passing every time is not fun and at this point, listen to the pass coach and back up.

Expectations at Practices:

Everyone needs to help out wherever and whenever needed. Everyone should participate in set-up and break-down. Everyone should feel comfortable offering suggestions to help out a new or struggling team dog.

You must be present at at least one practice during the month before a tournament in order to qualify for the tournament. Those unable to make it, will be put in a warmup spot regardless of ability and may or may not be allowed to run at the tournament.

Non-club members, those associated with other club or considering switching to our club, may attend practices for $5 per practice.

* Exceptions may be made for certain club members at the discretion of the club owner and current members.

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